Intel overview of the issue:
Microsoft Windows Server guidance to protect against speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities:


The decision on updates and fixes installation should be confirmed and allowed by your company’s IT security representative.
As per Intel and Microsoft explanations, “performance on some workloads or benchmarks may be impacted and will vary depending on the microprocessor and platform configuration (hardware and software). While some specialized workloads may see a noticeable performance impact, for most users any impact will be modest”. “In some systems, the performance impact will be negligible, and in others it will be considerable.”
Since StarWind VSAN works on top of the Windows Server OS, performance of StarWind devices could be impacted subsequently. Our tests demonstrated no negative performance impact on StarWind HA devices after installing cumulative update 4056890 on Windows Server 2016.
To estimate possible performance impact on the Production after installing OS updates, please check the current Production workload and hardware specs, and define whether any potential performance loss might be acceptable for your environment.

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