Feature Virtual SAN 2 node Free Virtual SAN Commercial VTL NFR
# of nodes 2 2 and more 1 2
Synchronous replication Yes, 2-way replication Option for 2-way and 3-way synchronous replicas No Yes, 2-way replication.
Asynchronous replication No Option for 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 scenarios No Yes
Storage capacity for single-node devices Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage capacity for replicated devices Unlimited By license N/A Unlimited
Flat, LSFS, RAM Disk, Virtual CD/DVD Yes Yes Yes Yes
VTL No No Yes No
Tape redirector Yes Yes Yes Yes
Disk Bridge Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cache size Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Host server limitations Only supports SMB3 & NFS, cannot be installed on a hypervisor host, does not support hyper-converged deployment scenarios. Supports Compute and Storage system design only. No limitations. All servers in StarWind cluster must have the same license No limitations No limitations. All servers in StarWind cluster must have the same license

Important notes

1. There are no restrictions in StarWind Virtual SAN EULA regarding the use of free licenses in production scenarios.

2. Host server limitations in StarWind Virtual SAN Free apply to initial installation only. After installing and creating HA devices, you can connect and use them in any environment like Microsoft Windows, VMWare ESXi or Citrix XenApp or all of these together at the same time.

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Host server limitationsCan be installed on physical server without Hyper-V feature. Replicated devices accept connections from own servers only.No limitations.All servers in StarWind cluster must have the same licenseNo limitations


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