Synchronization of HA device begins over and over and HA never gets synchronized.


There are 2 main causes of the looped synchronization process:

  • High workload. If sync was lost for some reason during the synchronization process sync may be looped. Synchronization process conflicts with replication process and as a result data on one of HA partners differs from data on another partner. Therefore sync process restarts over and over again.
  • Underlying storage is not healthy:
    – Degraded state of the storage may cause exceeding maximum allowed timeouts of StarWind sync process.
    – Unsuccessful storage read/write operations interrupt sync immediately.


  • In case of heavy workload downtime for production should be planned until sync process is finished. Also sync channel need to be equal or faster than all the clients connections to the HA storage to fit StarWind Best Practices and prevent the behaviour above.
  • The underlying storage need to be replaced and/or any issues with it should be resolved.

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