This article guides on how to upgrade StarWind SAN & NAS, Core: StarWind Virtual SAN (vSAN) V8 R12 to the R13 release.


Below are the steps that describe the StarWind SAN & NAS, Core: StarWind Virtual SAN (vSAN) V8 R12 update procedure.

  • To prevent data loss, disconnect iSCSI clients from StarWind SAN & NAS appliance(s).
  • Connect to SAN & NAS appliance via SSH.
  • Execute the following command, which downloads the update script from our public repository and starts the update procedure.
    wget -O && chmod +x && sudo ./
  • Wait until the update script finishes.
  • After the successful update, StarWind SAN & NAS will be rebooted automatically.
  • Wait until StarWind SAN & NAS starts.
  • Log into the web console and check the storage pool and virtual disk states.
  • Connect the clients to StarWind SAN & NAS appliance via iSCSI, if they have been previously disconnected at step 1.

Useful links

The newest StarWind SAN & NAS build can be downloaded here:

The complete Release Notes can be viewed by following this link:

To request the new license key please email the Account Manager you have previously worked with or email our sales department

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