This article provides a guide on offline updating StarWind Virtual SAN Controller Virtual Machine (CVM). It is applicable to both the StarWind Virtual SAN and StarWind Virtual SAN Free versions, specifically:

  • Version V8 (build 15260, OVF Version 20230901) 
  • Version V8 (build 15159, OVF Version 20230602) 
  • Version V8 (build 14398, OVF Version 20211124)

To update from earlier build versions, please contact our support team at


To check the currently installed StarWind VSAN build, connect to the server in StarWind Management Console, open the Configuration tab, and choose ‘Register’. The build should be in the LICENSE SOURCE section under ‘Target Server Info’.

 StarWind Virtual SAN CVM  step-by-step offline update procedure on VMware ESXi environments:

  1. Check that all StarWind devices have the Synchronized status on all nodes;
  2. Check that each Datastore on each host has active paths from all StarWind nodes;
  3. Download the offline update file via the following link:
    NOTE: The archives contain the latest security patches and the version of StarWind VSAN service.
  4. Upload the archive to the /tmp folder on StarWind VM using any SFTP client. For example, use WinSCP tool (
  5. Go to the folder with the update archive and unpack the offline update build: 
# sudo tar -xf starwind-update-offline-u118.1-build-15469.tar.gz
  1. Start the update procedure:
# sudo ./
  1. After the successful update, the StarWind Virtual SAN for vSphere needs to be rebooted.
  2. Wait until StarWind VSAN for vSphere starts, and the synchronization process is completed;
  3. Check that all StarWind devices have the Synchronized status on all nodes;
  4. Repeat the steps above on the remaining StarWind nodes one by one;

NOTE: Updater will compare the StarWind Virtual SAN version and check if an update is needed. In addition, kernel and system updates will be installed for VSAN for vSphere.

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The newest StarWind VSAN build can be downloaded here:

The complete Release Notes can be viewed by following this link:

To request the new license key please email the Account Manager you have previously worked with or email our sales department.

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