After all nodes of the HA cluster were down, StarWind is by default able to determine which node holds the most recent data and starts the synchronization process automatically if all nodes are online.

In case when StarWind services can not determine which node contains the most recent data they block all incoming connections to prevent data corruption until one of the HA partners is marked as Synchronized.

If you face the Not Synchronized devices status on all StarWind nodes, you would need to discover which node has the most recent data. To do so, investigate Application logs on all nodes and identify the node with the synchronized device(s) at the moment of outage.

If you know for sure which node has the most recent data – choose it as the synchronization source. To do so, open the StarWind Management Console on the node which has the most recent data, right-click on the device and select “Mark as Synchronized”.

The actual version of StarWind Management Console can be downloaded here.

If you are not sure which node has the actual data, stop and disable StarWind service on all nodes, except the one you think has the most recent data, mark the device on one node as Synchronized and check data consistency. If the data is not relevant, stop the service on the current node, run it on the next one, Mark device as Synchronized and check data consistency on it. If you succeeded in determining data consistency, simply run the service on the nodes where it is not yet running and let the devices get synchronized.

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