Such issues occur when adding/changing an HA partner for a v8 device originally created on v6.Such devices have different eui numbers, thus making ESX unable to recognize the device.


After HBA rescan ESX will prompt to re-format the drive. Please perform the following steps to fix this problem:

1. Open HA headers of both original and partner devices using WordPad

2. Headers originally created on v6 will have the following tags present in their .swdsk files:

         <vendor id="ROCKET  "/>
         <product id="IMAGEFILE       " revision="0001"/>

3. Headers on HA partner will have the following tags present in their .swdsk files:

         <serial_id> e506e991-76bd-405c-a308-866e98</serial_id>
         <vendor id="STARWIND"/>
         <product id="STARWIND        " revision="0001"/>

4. Modify eui_64 number , vendor id and product id and serial id (if they are not already identical) in new headers to match those with ROCKET

5. Restart StarWind service on the partner.

6. Re-scan HBA’s on both ESX(i) hosts.

7. If this does not help, re-adding ip to dynamic discovery should fix it.

8. Check “manage paths” tab of datastore properties in vCenter.

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