After installing Windows KB4015550, KB4015553, KB4019215, KB4019217, KB4022715, KB4022726, KB4025336 or KB4025339 update, iSCSI targets get into reconnecting state, which prevents their proper operation in Hyper-V environment.


To fix this error, go to iSCSI Initiator and delete the reconnecting target from the Favorite Targets tab. After you have done this, follow to the Targets tab, disconnect the reconnecting target manually by pressing the Disconnect button and connect it again. This will help you to eliminate the reconnecting status of your iSCSI targets. This should be followed by server reboot. Prior to rebooting the server, make sure that all StarWind devices are synchronized on both StarWind nodes. Once the server is in operation again, check the devices for the Synchronized state again and proceed with the other StarWind node.

Microsoft resolved the issue for Windows Server 2012 R2 on August 8, 2017—KB4034681 update  –

Microsoft resolved the issue for Windows Server 2016 on July 18, 2017—KB4025334 update

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