When running the LSI_SAS controller in the VM, the Windows event log reports the error:

Event 129, Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued.


1. Check that all StarWind devices have the Synchronized status on all nodes;

2. Check that each Datastore on each host has active paths from all StarWind nodes;

3. In VM settings check the number of SCSI adapters and number of disks assigned to VM. Note the numbers of adapters and disks;

4. Shutdown StarWind VM;

5. Remove StarWind VM from inventory;

6. Locate and make a backup of VMX file of the StarWind VM;

7. Edit and save VMX file of the StarWind VM by adding the following lines:

scsi0.async = “FALSE
scsi0:0.canBlock = “TRUE
scsi0:1.canBlock = “TRUE

NOTE: Line 1 shall be introduced for every SCSI controller VM has got (0, 1, or any number it might have). Line 2 shall be introduced for every port on that controller (here is why the 3rd line is used – just for example purposes in case of two disks attached to the VM using 1 SCSI controller).
In this example, VM got one SCSI adapter and two disks assigned to it.

8. Register VM back and start one;

9. Do the same steps with another VM.

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