The SAS tape exported using Tape Redirector and configured with Backup Exec may go offline after some manipulations (run the backup job, inventory the tape, etc).


Create the PowerShell script file with the following content on the machine that is connected to the exported Tape:

# cmdlet for bringing a tape drive back on-line. Uses BEMCLI (Backup Execs CLI). For use with BUE2012. Import-Module BEMCLI Get-BETapeDriveDevice | Set-BETapeDriveDevice -Paused $False

As the next step basic task needs to be created. To achieve that please take following steps:

Select the Trigger- Select Event Viewer – (look in even viewer for an Event ID that occurs when the drive goes offline, i.e Application, Source: backup Exec, EventID: 58053

in Actions write in the program:


in the additional Parameters:

-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -file “C:\Program Files\Symantec\%PowerShell-file-name%”Additional Information

See also

For now it looks like this is Symantec issue. Multiple users, regardless were they using StarWind or not, reported the similar problem to Backup Exec forum:

StarWind forum:

And other communities:

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