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StarWind SAN & NAS is now legacy product and no longer provided; please download and use the latest StarWind Virtual SAN Controller Virtual Machine build


StarWind SAN & NAS support bundle compiles all information that might be required by StarWind Support engineers during issue investigation. Follow the steps below depending on your case to collect the support bundle.


Using the Web console:

1. Log in to the Web console;
2. Open the General settings page (gear icon on top right corner);
3. Click on the Appliance block to open it up;
4. Click the Support bundle button to collect the logs and download the archive file;
5. Provide the logs to StarWind support;

Using the Text-based User Interface:

  • On the appliance with a network connection
    1. Log in to the Text-based User Interface Console
    2. Navigate to Configure Management Network menu
    3. Set an IP address to the appliance by completing the wizard.
    4. Try to ping the appliance from a client computer. Proceed, if no ping requests were lost
    5. Navigate to Troubleshoot menu
    6. Click on Collect Support Bundle and generate the support bundle.
    7. From the client computer connect to the appliance using SFTP or SSH clients.
    8. Download the logs from the /tmp/support_bundle folder.
    9. Provide the logs to StarWind support.
  • On the appliance using an external storage device
    1. Connect an external storage device to the appliance;
    2. Log in to the Text-based User Interface Console
    3. Navigate to Troubleshoot menu;
    4. Click on Collect Support Bundle and generate the support bundle;
    5. Click on Open Shell Terminal;
    6. Find the device name by executing the command lsblk;
    7. Mount the device to the /mnt folder by executing the command sudo mount /dev/sdX/mnt , where sdX is the name of the external storage device;
    8. Run sudo cp -r /tmp/support_bundle /mnt to copy the logs;
    9. Execute sudo umount /dev/sdX to unmount the external storage;
    10. Connect the storage device to a client computer to provide logs to StarWind support.

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