If the chosen priority for ALL partners is set up to Sync process then, sync will run faster at the expense of speed witch service client requests. If the chosen priority is service of clients’ requests then, the devise will handle clients’ requests as fast as possible, suspending the synchronization process.

This is how QoS works: while sync comes the client command, the command is processed, and the synchronization process suspends for a certain time, and waiting for new requests. If another client’ command comes while the sync is on “pause”, the “pause” starts again. Setting the priority value means that you set this “pause time” for the client command to come, in time of this “pause” the device will not try to proceed the sync.

Such an algorithm gives you the flexibility of the control with clients’ requests while your sync is running, and if needed, to repeat the sync almost without losing the quality of service the clients’ requests.

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