StarWind uses ports 3260 and 3261 for its functioning. The 3260 port is used for iSCSI data transfer. There might be a situation when you are running 3d party  application that reserves 3260 port, thus StarWind will not be able to transfer the data.  If that happens, please refer to a step by step guidance above in case if you want to change StarWind default port setting.


  1. Open StarWind installation folder. Default path is  C:\Program Files\StarWind Software\StarWind
  2. Search for StarWind.cfg file and open it (preferably using WordPad opened with administrator rights).
  3. Find “<Port value=”3260″/>” and change Port value attribute to another one. Note that variable <Port value> is integer.
  4. After the change is done, restart StarWind service in order to apply the change.

The other workaround is to change port settings on the 3d party application or uninstall it.

Most common use case

In the major part of the situations MS iSCSI Target Server reserves 3260 port. Thus to eliminate any possible conflicts, change StarWind Virtual SAN default port to any other free custom port.

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