After updating StarWind from version 6 or earlier to StarWind Virtual SAN (version 8), some or all the HA devices changed their status to Non-Active and devices went offline.


Please download the updater utility by using the link below:

There were a couple of known issues when upgrading from v6 to v8, when some of the headers remained binary on v8, thus making the corresponding devices “non-active”, mainly because original headers had beginning or closing tag missing for some reason. This utility converts the header and does a quick xml check on it: if any of the tags are missing – it will add them.

How to use the utility:

Run it through cmd, it accepts a single parameter – header file name (with extension!) I.e.:

       updater.exe ha.swdsk

Output produces a bunch of errors, you can safely ignore them. Note that new xml header will actually replace the original file, so be careful and always do backup copies of files.

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