StarWind Log Collector compiles all information that might be required by StarWind Support engineers during issue investigation.

Download link (Windows 2012 R2 / 2016 / 2019 /2022): StarWind Log Collector
Download link (Windows 2008 R2): StarWind Log Collector

Also, logs can be collected from the StarWind Management Console: StarWind VSAN help


      For StarWind VSAN for Hyper-V

  • Run StarWind Log Collector with administrator rights.
  • Wait until “Zipped folder %userprofile%\desktop\ was created. Please transfer it to StarWind Support message pops up. Disregard the app’s “Not responding” status, which is observed sometimes during the procedure of retrieving Windows Server logs from systems with long production operation time.
  • Provide StarWind Support team with created on your desktop.

      For StarWind VSAN for vSphere

  • Using vSphere Client, open Remote Console for StarWind VSAN VM and login to it.
  • Change current folder with the following command to access file:
    cd /opt/StarWind/StarWindVSA/drive_c/StarWind/CollectLogs
    In previous builds, the file is located in /opt folder.
  • Run the log collection script with the following command and type the password:
    sudo ./ ./your_archive_name
  • Move the collected logs your_archive_name.tar.gz archive to your_user_name directory that will be used to login in WinSCP or another SFTP tool:
    mv your_archive_name.tar.gz /home/your_user_name
  • Change the current folder to your_user_name directory with the following command:
    cd /home/your_user_name
  • Apply permissions to have access to the archive:
    chmod ug=rw,o=r your_archive_name.tar.gz
  • Use WinSCP or another SFTP tool to access the  your_archive_name.tar.gz archive in /home/your_user_name folder. In previous builds, the file is located in /var/StarWind folder.

Important note

  • StarWind Log Collector supports only Windows Server 2008R2 and newer Windows Server versions. For Windows 2012R2/2016 version, .NET 4.5 is required, which should be installed by default at the time of OS installation. The Windows 2008R2 version requires .NET 3.5 installed. If you have errors concerning the impossibility of running StarWind Log Collector, please make sure you have this prerequisite installed.
  • StarWind Log Collector needs to be executed on all hosts where StarWind VSAN is installed.

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